The best way to lose fat from your chest:

To lose chest fat is one question I am asked often. It would be great to lower the fat and tone up so the chest looks lean and firm however, losing fat from the chest can be one of the hardest places to reduce it from. For some people the chest and breast area is a common area where ample fat cells are found. We cannot reduce the numbers of fat cells when losing weight, instead the cells shrink as fat is reduced. Shrinking the fat cells is the only way we can lose fat effectively in the chest and breast area.

Aerobic exercises like rowing, swimming or brisk walking help burn fat directly. The problem is we cannot make the body burn it from the chest or breast areas. Fat is used up from all over the body so we may need to burn lots of calories before we see fat reduce in the chest area. This is the reason why an aerobic exercise workout should be performed regularly and for a long duration, for example at least 20 minutes 3 times per week. This gives chance for fat to be burned from all over the body including the chest region!

Tone the Chest

Some people may be lucky enough to see fat loss within a few weeks however, for the majority of us results can be speeded up by including an exercise to tone the chest. Toning the chest area will firm the chest muscles and give the illusion of a leaner upper body. For women the effects can be great too, toning will help lift and firm the breasts giving rise to more shape in the upper body with the illusion of a smaller waist.

The best exercise to tone and firm the chest are probably push ups because they can easily be done at home and don't require special equipment - although we advise you seek approval from your physician before attempting any exercise you're not used to! Push ups place high levels of stress directly on the chest area working the muscles intensely. Chest exercises like push ups are anaerobic exercise thus they burn predominantly carbs. For this reason push ups will not help burn fat from the chest but they may help add a small amount of lean weight to the muscles which helps burn more calories.

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